Vision's Mission

Make cycling a functional household sport, so people and their environment may benefit from the well-being cycling provides. Starting with local communities, Vision will develop the model movement to instill cycling as an integral cultural value. This mission becomes reality by directly providing the structures which uphold Traditional Sports in a society.

Vision is implemented through 4 Values.

1. Youth Development

Vision works with communities and their Youth to develop cycling programs ensuring cycling’s long-term involvement in culture.

2. New Cycling Infrastructure

Vision advocates for New Trail Systems, both off-road and paved, for Youth and their families to safely use for transportation, sports competition, and exercise purposes.

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3. Public Health and Wellness

Vision advocates for the inclusion of cycling as a lifelong sport both in education and scholastic sports competition in order to fill this gap in our culture.

4. Energy and Environmental Sustainability

By advocating the aforementioned values we will be helping to create members of society who use new transportation infrastructure and value the environment in which they experience their sport.