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AUGUST 27, 2016
12-5 PM

A totally free event put on by Vision Cycling where we will spend a short intro on mtb skills and drills and then take separate groups out on a loop of the trail and analyze and break it down section by section so as to ride it faster.

12:30 -Men’s group ride for experienced riders who want to get faster! -Led by Nathan Guerra
2:00 -Women ‘s group ride for experienced riders who want to get faster! -led by Lindsay Guerra
3:30 -juniors and beginner riders of any age who need to learn or practice trail riding knowledge and skills –(juniors need to be at least 8 and competent at riding a bike)

-Your awesome self!
-other awesome people who would like this!
-Bring some food to share for a picnic style potluck lunch!
-if you or someone you know would like to participate but doesn’t have a bike let us know and we can try to have a couple extra bikes on hand

-We hope to have demo bikes from Wheel and Sprocket available also!
-If anyone who comes to this has never done a WORS race before and decides they want to try one, we will pay the entry fee!!
-Social media contest!!! From each group whoever gives us the best pic, video, or comment share, will get an INDUSTRY NINE hoodie  or T-shirt!
-We will have some healthy snacks and recipes on hand!

This event is also our formal introduction of Women of Vision!
Women of Vision will be a team division of Vision featuring….
-3 times a year women’s clinics
-a Women’s riding kit!! Think.. magenta and black!!!
-Women’s specific coaching plans
-and much more!!

There is a trail pass and parking fee to ride here. Also these trails close at the first sign of bad weather so if they close but trail conditions are OK we will move it to Minooka park 1927 E Sunset Dr, Waukesha, WI 53186, or move it to Sunday

Father’s day reflections on why you should take your kids biking


When I was about 20 yrs old after my long and many years of teenage rebellion were over I wanted to spend more time with my family. My dad and brother had been racing WORS for a couple of years so I decided to tag along to one of their races. I thought I’d spend the day in a lawn chair reading a book but I was thoroughly intrigued by the racing, especially after I saw the women race. After my dad took me out to the Muir trails a couple times I decided I wanted to try racing. I soon talked Nathan into going out to the trails even though he was leery because he liked BMX and didn’t want to wear spandex ever. Over the winter my dad and I built my first bike together, well, he built it and I watched and handed him tools and parts. We ordered a generic steel frame from a Nashbar catalog and found the rest of the parts at a bike swap. That next summer Nathan and I raced our first year in Citizen class and the rest is history. Over the years many of my favorite times with my dad have been on bike rides.
Dad, even though you didn’t know it you helped plant a seed that sprouted into our progress in racing and what ultimately became Vision Cycling. More and more people are starting to join and “see” the “Vision”, which simply put is for all riders, but especially the next generation to have the support they need to go as far as they want in their competition goals, and also to grow the sport of cycling because of the benefits to individuals and communities. I know that sometimes when people ask you what the man who married your only daughter and fathered 5 of your 6 grandchildren does for a living, you don’t quite know how to explain it to them. Next time tell them to visit this website. It will speak for itself in that the content they find there is something that Nathan dreamed and labored into reality, and you can be proud that you among many others played a part in it.
Cycling is woven heavily into the fabric of my own family now. My 5 kids have been snuglied, trailered, seated, and tandemed through miles upon miles of bike rides with mom and dad, filled with potty, ice cream, tantrum, and caterpillar rescue stops. They have spent many overnights in the van and seen the oceans, deserts, mountains, waterfalls, and prairies of North America as we’ve traveled across country for big races or spring training. With a baby strapped to my back I stood among the pro pit crews in World Cup races to hand my husband water bottles. My kids have cheered me on in my return to elite level races and now that they are racing I see the perseverance and character it forms in them. They have had any kids fill of fun camping weekends at the races.
Cycling has brought a richness to our lives and it’s not the kind you can buy. It might not take you on the outlandish journey it has for us but yours can be rich in it’s own way. Dads you can buy your kids a gadget or take them to a movie but the gadget will break down and the movie soon be forgotten, but if you take them on a bike ride it might get under their skin and down the road they might find themselves thinking fondly of you as they turn the pedals!

Early Season Re-Cap

Illiniwek Abermination Sunday April 17th 2016

Finally getting some thoughts down on the first few races of the season.  We will keep the reports short and quick on the first few outside leading into this past weekend at Camrock.

Race seasons tarted a bit early this year for me in the MidWest with an opener at the Illiniwek Abermination.  You can see a full team report by one of our new additions to the Elite team Matt Paterson over here: Vision Illiniwek Abermination Report

I grabbed a win in the opener for both Iowa and Illinois as the raced served both states series.


The first 1.5’s laps of my race can be found here from our recorded from our new SioEye cameras!

Englewood Opener Saturday April 30th 2016

Next up was the Englewood opener which was a total mudfest, but a definite must do for 2017!  From homegrown trails to homegrown beef onsite and a total Wisconsin race/party atmosphere with live music and great payouts there is no way anyone should miss this event that can make it!


Leading the start before the mud mayhem!


Lindsay holding down a solid 2nd place in the mud



Off the front early


Post race selfie mud face


Post race WInner’s shot full mud


Men Podium, both Caleb and Casey are getting FAST!


Women’s podium


Coolest awards ever!


Overall Plaque was awesome!


WOR #1 Iola Bump n Jump Sunday May 15th

Then came the WORS opener.  The post race interviews really say it all, they are right here.

Essentially, I let Cole go on lap 2 thinking he would come back.  I was not super comfortable on my bike yet this year, in addition I was attempting to forgo any allergy meds to see if perhaps that season of life was over…which was a tactic that failed miserably for me later in the race.  I had a steady all day pace, but zero high end efforts when breathing really mattered.  We came close to catching a few times, but it seemed like we played a few too many games throughout the race while chasing.  2nd was a great result though and Cole was riding very strong and fast in the single-track on course.

Nathan Guerra in 2nd for Pro Men at Iola Bump & Jump

Nathan Guerra in 2nd for Pro Men at Iola Bump & Jump

Here is a video of the first lap or so, Cole pulls an amazing move to fix his bikes skewers while leading the race full on cyclo cross dismount and mount style at about “4:15” into the video. Podium vid scene at the end as well.

Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bikes Series Alpine Valley Saturday May 21st

Next up Lindsay and I brought the WHOLE family to a WEMS race for a 6 hour duo.  We were able to pull off a win!
This vid pretty much recaps the day for us!

Next up for the blog is a race report on Camrock, stay tuned!  Also, make sure to check out the Twitch channel where I am live with training and Zwift races almost every day:

Throw it a follow for notifications anytime I go live over there!  Or if you prefer subscribe to the Youtube channel here, but we are focusing mainly on Twitch community growth, so get over there!




KISS Down Under Zwift Race June 2nd 2016

Replay below from today’s the KISS Down under race.

Event Details can be found here: KISS Down Under Facebook event for June 2nd 2016

Watch live video from nathanguerra on




as-lgflag1st Lisa Brydon

as-lgflag2nd Bel Flint

as-lgflag3rd Nerine


Category A

uk-lgflag1st  Jacob Law-Sales

as-lgflag 2nd Mike Cameron

tw-lgflag 3rd CT Yang

Category B

fr-lgflag1st Mike Koehle

us-lgflag2nd Andrew Behnke

as-lgflag3rd Luke Brown

Category C

as-lgflag1st Ando the Mando- NWSCC

as-lgflag2nd Jake Ethell

as-lgflag3rd David jukes

Category D

as-lgflag1st Shane Wachtel

as-lgflag2nd Chris Ernst

as-lgflag 3rd Matthew Firth

Zwift Virtual Cycling Race Cast: KISS Europe 5-31-2016 replay & results

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) May 31st 2016 race on Zwift.

Event details can be found here: Facebook KISS Event

Watch live video from nathanguerra on

A Category

1st Quentin Lafaye-PTZ/Vision2 fr-lgflag

uk-lgflag2nd James Hodges- Unattached

us-lgflag3rd Frank Garcia- Team Experimental

B Category

da-lgflag1st Peter Mosbaek-Unattached

be-lgflag2nd Jelle De Mey-Unattached

gm-lgflag3rd Norbert Wislsperger- PTZ/Vision 2


C Category

us-lgflag1st Kevin Kelly-The Real 😉

sz-lgflag2nd Daniel Reale-Unattached

uk-lgflag3rd Rick Fawdrey-Team Friday Criterium

D Category

uk-lgflag1st Peter Middleton-Unattched

Weight lifting: Transition from strength to maintenance & technical skills with squats

Weight Lifting-Turn Training into Racing

With many of my clients shifting focus from general fitness gains to race specific gains in strength, a topic that comes up a ton at this time of season is when and how to transition away from lifting into straight racing and cycling specific strength building in the muscles. During the off season, if lifting is done well, a cycling specific regiment will be focused on the major movers, so multiple muscle group exercises like squats, dead lifts, push ups, sit-ups etc. Single muscle workouts will just bulk up single muscles and is a tedious waste of time with minimal or no gains in cycling, or even general fitness, those workouts results are found at the beach…

At the same time these major mover exercises are general fitness focused, they build muscle fibers for generally moving those muscles, and are not as specific to pedaling a bike as high intensity intervals on the bike. Maintenance of the strength built up in the off-season is good, but attempting to continue building up those muscles through resistance training tends to compromise maximum effort into cycling specific intensity sessions, as well as take away resources to build up resistance training muscles rather than building strength and endurance in the cycling specific muscles needed for racing.

Once race season is here, it is time to sharpen and peak out the most important tools for racing.  Lifting big weights for 10-20 seconds at a time will not do that for an endurance focused athlete. For the track cyclist or pure sprinter, big weight sessions may still be necessary to maintain peak form as their most crucial exercise system is around 10-60 seconds, but most cyclists do not need this kind of focus any longer.

Example of Maintenance Lifting with Tech/Balance building

My wife Lindsay has great power on the bike, but has struggled a bit with reactive and intuitive balance in technical sections, sometimes causing her to lose time to competitors on balance/skill rather than fitness . The exercise below is a great example of transitioning from weights to just body weight exercises and adding a bit of technical balance building into the exercise.  Getting the most out of the time used in the gym for each exercise and back on the bike without spreading time too thin in the gym. With all this in mind, we have progressed Lindsay’s maintenance squats into the exercise below.

These squats are used for gaining huge amounts of reactive balance in the legs and body due to micro reactions needed in muscles to the sudden minute changes in weight distribution to stay upright. The squat is added for both resistance training and active muscle contraction similar to the sport of cycling, while the muscle is also learning balance, similar to riding technical trail and pedaling a bike at the same time.

To get to this stage

First comfortably completing sets of single legs squat without balance assistance.
Second using a half ball for two legged squats without balance assistance.
Third with spotter and then always with something to grab like in video, moving onto full ball.

Always try to keep good squat form obviously with a straight back and weight focused on middle to heels for resistance mainly being pushed into the hamstrings and glutes.

For more info on coaching with Vision Cycling, make sure to check out my coaching tab here: Vision Cycling Coaching