Monthly Archives: February 2014

Final preparation for the first UCI races in 2014

Hi everyone. My name is Beso Gavasheli and I am a new Pro rider for Vision Cycling.  You can read all about my racing so far on my profile page here. I have already done five month program preparation for the main season 2014 with my new coach Han Ten Hove. 2014  is very important for me and my country because of Olympic games 2015 Baku. Can say that during last five month  80% of plan was done well.

Ten day’s later I will fly in Israel. I will do there 5 UCI international race and plus one local marathon .In Israel my plan is to get best shape for the main season and also to collect UCI points as much as I can.There will be best time for me to training a lot for Mountain Biking with good weather condition.

I wont to say big thanks again to my team “Vision Cycling” such a nice support. Also all my sponsors : “kaliprotectives“, “Power Bar“, “”,”Oakley sunglasses” ! IMG_0932