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Where to begin?

Been staring at this blog wondering where to begin on a new website, especially after so much time away from blogging.  I started in on a big montage post about where we have been since I started racing 10+ years ago and where this whole thing is going… but life is soooo fast right now that sitting and writing/compiling that kind of piece is going to take a while, as well as some gathering of material to do it well.  All the while staring and this blog sits empty without updates from me, so lets just act like I been posting all along and give a bit of the latest news…

In a picture montage, here is  what has happened in the “off”-season so far.

So winter showed up and we were still living in a two bedroom lower of  the house we own.  With 4 awesome little ones, we were finding every chance to get OUTSIDE to let some energy out!

20131215_123222_9-MOTION 20131215_123145_1-MOTION 20131215_123222_1-MOTION Having another little guy on the way it was time to expand and at the end of December our friends who were renting upstairs moved out, so we GOT TO WORK (!) turning our Upper and Lower into a single family.  Here are just a few of the jobs tackled in January before little Guerra #5 showed up!

1st we turned Asa and Micah’s room into a new dining room by knocking out their wall and combining it with the main hallway.

20131229_145337 20131229_172440



Charis and Kyle’s room was the next to move and we gave Lindsay her own office/salon that is shared with a computer room for Asa and other school stuff. The boy’s got to test it first…I on the other hand am shaggy as can be and still waiting for my go at the new equipment!

20140213_113638 20140213_113643


Nobody went without a bed to sleep in, so in the span of about 24 hrs we had these next two projects finished, Boys and Girls new rooms!

20131224_124916_1-ERASER 20131226_121433 20131226_153442 20140126_212754 20131224_130133 20131226_153145 20140126_212838

With all the kids set, we moved on to the yet-to-be-born and my office/laundry room of course.

Babies room, built a wall for it, but no pics…

Tore out and built a few walls for my office/laundry room upstairs.

20140126_112015 20140126_111829 20140126_111954

Kyle was a big help with tearing out the wall for the new water hookups for laundry

And literally the day we finished all of this our new little guy arrived!

Milo Paxton Guerra arrived January 28th 2014

20140129_120309 20140129_114553-MOTION 20140129_115221 20140129_115226

And yes the craziness even follows us to the hospital as Mommy tries to get some lunch!


Enjoying the fruits of the labor now with 7 Guerra’s!


 Even with all of this I still managed to get a bit of this stuff in this winter


Basement Riding Video

Not huge riding, but enough to prep for when the warmth might come around these parts again.

Just to make things easier all around, I have transferred all my training-ride recording over to strava…one place to upload is so much easier!  They have really incorporated a ton of great features for tracking training progress!  Shoot me a follow if ya like to keep up with my training as well.  You have to get a paid account for the bells and whistles, but it seems totally worth it, especially in the time savings if your tracking training anyways.  Upload for social fun of riding and competition as well as get all your nice gadgets in one place.  They also simplified and condensed a ton of training jargon into easy to understand templates.  I think just about anyone can grasp these as great training tools with just a little bit of reading up on their site.

So, that is what happened in the “off” season…if that is a good definition of “off”?  Spring is supposedly here and all these guys are racing like crazy down south in the first ever HC category racing in America.  This is AWESOME and very good for Mountain Biking in the USA, but at the same quite confusing and conflicting for someone up here in the frigid temps.  Maybe another task for Vision to conquer?  Inspire MTB from the grassroots juniors to the top of the sport by assisting more than 1 UCI event to come to Mid-West in our actual season?  Been crossing my mind a bit lately while watching all the amazing things S. Tedro and Sho-Air are doing.  Well, I will leave this post with that…dreaming of what Vision is going to do in the future.  SO much to do and tell, keep coming back for more updates!  Next up 2014 kit reveal and our junior fundraising program with sweet T-Shirts and Coffee, possible a history of where Vision came from over the last 10 years…we’ll see when I can gather that post!

Thanks for reading!


2014 Season is start

14.03.2014 Israel C2 UCI race for me was first on this season.

After two day hard rain condition race course was very unusual.It was full of  rocky sections so finally with rain we got hard extreme course. During the pre race warming up 20 minute before one of the rocky   section I crashed very hard and got quite hard pain on my left leg. But still was possible to started race and I done it full. As a final result I finish 29.

Second day was completely different then first one with race course and with weather condition. What about course it was quite  physical with a lot of climbs and fast downhills.After first day felt a bit tired but finish it little bit better.Finally 25 place.

 To sum up this races was first on this season! Still need to training for optimal shape for this season and be ready next upcoming races.

In Israel I have two more week 3 International race and one local Marathon ..Seem like hard two week but best training for main season  with good weather condition and top level races.