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Road training race

This weekend I done two stage of road race in Georgia as a very good training.Race was presented by “Georgian Cycling Federation”.

 First day was Time Trail Individual 20 km and can say without top shape from my body, my speed  also was enough for the  fastest time and got first place…

Second day: stage 2 can say was very dramatic road race not to long(95 km) but quite hard course with several long climbs. In fact during the race I felt good  and could control it well. Till the finish line 7 km before I had some small problem and lost like 1 minute against chase group (with 5 riders).But I found some extra power and attack all out and it was nearly the top ride ever I done final kms…Finally I finish second and with problem was quite glad with it..

To sum up as a MTB rider had a very good weekend with top  training in the road and now again back to the MTB and keep rolling  for the next International races.



Special thanks to my coach       Han Ten Hove !!!  


Here is some pictures from Road race DSCN8049 DSCN8085 DSCN8116 DSCN8166 DSCN8186

Next upcoming races and main season!

Final C1 race in Turkey was not as lucky as I planned it but also was one more time good preparation ride for the main season. Slowly get good shape and hope first peak period of my body will be in time..This weekend I have training race in Georgia in Time Trail Individual short track(which is actually my favorite discipline in road cycling) and stage two: road race. Then again after 1 week rest from Mountain Biking  again back on it and will prepare for the next races.

Also I m looking forward to ride with team mates in USA soon after World Cup race in Windham. 

Thanks again to Georgian Cycling Federation such a nice support during races. Also to my team and sponsors who makes me happy with a new material.


First half of preparation in Israel is over

First half of preparation for the main season in sunny Israel is over. To sum up was good period for training…  Done 5 International  race ,I can say as a start of the season results was quite normal.Most important that my body got good adaptation for the racing time and now ready for the next level.

Several day’s later already  fly to Turkey for the next international  UCI C 1 race which will be in Alanya city. I ve always  pleasant feeling on this race  cause of several years before  exactly in Alanya  was first ever my International  UCI race .

Big thanks to my friend Benjamin Schmidt and his family for a top support and nice time  in Israel!Also specially big thanks to Georgian Cycling Federation for supporting during Israel races…1962614_700333783322836_1047952350_n