Nick Sdrenka WORS #7 and #8 race report August 21, 2016

#7 Hixon Forest Epic: August 7, 2016

Hixon forest  in LaCrosse is one of the harder races in the series with a ton of climbing, fast decents and crazy technical singletrack. To me it seemed like one of the better races for me because of all the climbing I knew that it would be a good area to make something of it and with my body feeling somewhat good I tried to go my hardest right in the beginning where it matters to get to the singletrack climb at the bottom of the bluff in the best position possible which ended up paying off in the first lap but after that first lap a group of us junior riders came together and worked together for a bit but after a while fatigue started to build up and I was left on the climb with practically no energy so at that point it was just about finishing the race in a good position. When I had come across the finish I could feel my whole body was cramped up to the point where it even hurt to sit down, but after a while I recovered from it and reflected back on my performance and picked out the things I did and did’nt do and set a goal to make sure that I could accomplish those goals the best I could in future races. So in the end nothing on the day really clicked for me so I had to settle with 2nd  and 4th overall.

#8 Reforestation Ramble: August 21, 2016

After taking some time off to relax my body a bit to gather myself from the last race I went back to work already looking ahead at a race that I honestly was’nt the most excited for but still anxious enough to race for the first time. The Reforestation course in Suamico had changed a bit this year from what it was in the previous years being a marathon style race which was more milage and not as much singletrack, but this year it was totally opposite with more singletrack and not as much mileage which I definetly found to be a stress reliever for me only because it was my first time racing there. So race day approached on sunday and I did the best I could to do everything I usually do on race day and hope that everything would work out. When 1:30 came around my body was feeling good, the temperature was perfect at around mid 70’s so it was not too hot and the race started with good positioning knowing where I was at in the field until about 50 to 100 feet into the first set of singletrack trails a guy in front of me washed out on the side of the trail and tried to recover quickly but resulted in him clipping my bars as I made a pass and immediately put everyone in the lower half of the field at a standstill so I had some extra work to do in order to catch up to the main group and that initially made me think to myself that this is not the ideal situation to get myself into to start the race off. After that mishap I just wanted to stay with the rest of the juniors throughout the race and have fun working together until about halfway through the first lap when one of the juniors started to break away from the group so I said to myself why not go with him and see where it goes, so the rest of the first, second, and half of the third we worked together and put together a fairly reasonable gap and made it as fun as possible. Later on in the third lap he started to slowly get away from me so one of the elite riders Kevin Lewis dropped back a bit so we definetly worked together really well to make eachothers race as fast as possible as Kevin went on finishing one more lap to finish 18th overall in the pro elite category and I finished first and second overall in the junior elite category.

Hixon race pictures



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Happy to take a first at this race

Happy to take a first at this race

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