McKenna Dwyer WORS #8 – Reforestation Ramble: August 21, 2016

We originally were planning on not doing this race because my sister had a horse show, she ended up not doing it so we came up to race.  My sister and I drove up Saturday night and my dad was planning on coming early the following morning.  We got up to the race right as the fat bike race was starting that night.  We watched that and I didn’t get the chance to pre ride so I wouldn’t know what the course was like.  The next morning I was talking to people and heard that the course was almost all single track and was fast and flowy.  I watched all of the races and just relaxed in the beginning of the day and hung out with friends.  When it came time for my warm up I just did jumps on my trainer and then got on my mountain bike and started doing some jumps on the road.  I felt really good and felt like I was going to have a good race.  I lined up and was pretty pumped to race even though I didn’t know the course.  When the race started I was basically ahead of everyone and got passed pretty quick, but only by one Cat 1 junior racer.  The first place girl ended up getting away pretty quick and putting in a minute lead by the end of the first lap.  I was third coming through and was just behind second place.  The first lap I was just getting used to the course and was happy that its changed so much from previous years.  So, coming into the second lap I put in a hard effort and caught up to Hanna Mork.  We rode together for awhile and then I gapped her and put in probably my hardest and best effort that I have in awhile.  I kept pushing until I came to where my dad was standing, he told me I was only 10 seconds behind Katy.  When I got to the start to go out on my third and final lap I saw Katy McDicken who was currently in first just at the top of the hill.  She must have known that I was coming because she started pushing harder.  I ended up losing her after having her in my sights for awhile.  When coming through at the end she didn’t beat my by too much so I was proud that I gained a minute on her.  It was a very well deserved win for her after being out for an injury for almost six weeks and this being her fourth race back.  I’m super excited because my next race is the first race of NICA.  I can’t wait to be back racing there!

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