Vision Wheel & Sprocket Fall Color Festival: September 24, 2016

Held at the John Muir southern unit of the Kettle Moraine state forest, the Fall Color Festival is independently run single day race.  This course, known for its well maintained and flowy single track, draws in many racers from all over the state.  Not overly technical, but still remaining challenging this course was met with rains in the days prior to the event.  With slick conditions in lower lying areas, the higher sections with sand remained tacky and fast.

Participants were able to select from several different course lengths ranging from 5 to 35 miles.  Racers are able to choose their race regardless of category.  The shortest race, 5 miles, is the perfect opportunity to introduce kids and beginners to the sport with a single lap of the brown and white loops.  The 12 mile race, equivalent to a citizen category 3 race consists of a single loop of the brown and blue.  With a brown loop and 2 blue loops, the 22 mile provides a good intermediate race for participants at roughly a Category 2 level.  The final race, 35 miles includes the entire brown, blue, connector and Emma Carlin green loops.

22 Mile Results

  • Elijah Johnson 1st overall with a time of 1:57:14
  • Steve Lipski 11th overall, 1st in age group with a time of 2:04:17
  • Walter Sdrenka 25th overall, 3rd in age with a time of 2:14:52

35 Mile Results

  • Nick Sdrenka 4th overall, 1st in age group with a time of 2:43:12
  • Lindsay Guerra 1st overall (females), 1st in age group with a time of 2:57:07
  • Brian Paterson 12th overall, 1st in age group with a time of 2:55:33
  • Matt Paterson 13th overall, 1st in age group with a time of 2:55:33

Take a look at the start of the 35 mile race from Matt Paterson’s perspective:


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