Elijah Johnson- WORS #2 Iola Bump & Jump- May 21, 2017

The race day began with a pre-ride beginning at about 7:45 a.m.  I pre-rode the course on Sunday morning at an easy pace since it had been closed on Saturday because of the weather.  When I arrived back at our camper, I ate a breakfast of oatmeal and cleaned my bike.  The Junior race began at 9:30, so I rode over to watch it start.  I then returned to the camper to eat and finish getting my bike in racing condition.  From there, I had a perfect view of the course and watched both the Junior and Citizen race.

 At the start of the Sport race, I went over to the bowl to see how the new course design worked when a large group went through it.  After that, I returned to our camper and got ready for the race.  At 12:40, I went out to begin my warm up which lasted until 1:15.  Then I spun over to the start line to line up for the race.  I arrived just in time.  At this race, I began in about the 4th row since Cat 1 Juniors do not get a call up.  The race started at 1:30.  My start was not the best since my foot did not clip in on the first try which almost made me crash.  I recovered quickly and made up the second I lost on the hills soon after.  I was able to pass a few people while climbing out of the bowl.

The race was going well until I crashed.  There was a downhill corner with loose dirt which was about 2 miles out.  My front tire lost traction, and I slid out.  We were still in a close group, so I got passed by a few people there.  Soon we had another section of double track, so I made up the time I had lost in the crash.  There were some muddy spots which followed.  I was able to make it through all of them on the first lap.

As I completed the first lap, I was in first place for all Cat 1 Junior racers.  My Dad told me I had about 13 seconds over the next Cat 1 Junior.  I continued to go at a fast pace in which my heart rate was about 183 in the double track and a bit lower in the single track.  The second lap went smoothly with no crashes.  I continued to do my best to hold with the riders I was around.  The course was quite slippery in some spots now since so many riders had gone through.  It was still quite wet from the rain on Saturday.  I continued to lengthen the gap between me and second place.

At the completion of the second lap, I was both half way done and had a 45 second lead on those in my category.  On the 3rd lap, I had no crashes or times I had to dismount.  By this time, I could begin to feel that my legs were beginning to tire out.  I kept up a moderately fast pace which I could keep up for the remainder of the race.  Near the end of the lap, I began to pass some of the Comp women.

As I began the final lap, I chose to sit down while climbing to the top of the hill instead of standing up and pushing hard.  I took my 3rd hand off from my Grandpa while I climbed out of the bowl.  I passed a handful of riders during this lap.  On one of the climbs, I chose to jump off of my bike and run up since it was very muddy and running uses slightly different muscles than biking.  I continued to keep a moderately fast pace until the last mile where I went pretty hard.  When I came out to the finish, I picked up the pace to a near all out sprint for the remaining 100 or so yards.  Upon finishing, I mixed up a recovery drink and rode around for a while.  Overall, it went well and Coach Nathan’s training has been working great.


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