Vision Wheel & Sprocket WORS #2 Iola Bump & Jump: May 21, 2017

As the 2nd race in the WORS circuit this year, Iola still brought fast paced fun as it has for many years.  Promising quick single track, repeated climbs and a slight modification to the Bowl – rain didn’t prevent this year’s event from having another high turnout.  Vision racers had a great showing and we’re looking forward to a season full of results like these!

Junior Results

  • Brianna Fletcher 3rd in age group AND 3rd overall!
  • Abby Johnson 4th in age group for AND 12th overall
  • Joshua Wardle 4rd in age group AND 36th overall

Vision’s Jr. Elite, Elijah Johnson recalls his win

  • Elijah Johnson 1st overall for Junior Elites!

Category 2 and 3 Results

  • Asa Guerra 4th in age group AND 10th overall for Cat 3 Females
  • Lucas Fletcher 20th in age group AND 79th overall for Cat 3 Males
  • Isacc Johnson 5th in age group AND 27th overall for Cat 3 Males
  • Dean Wardle 1st in age group AND 1st overall for Cat 3 Males!
  • Leah Fletcher 1st in age group AND 1st overall for Cat 2 Females!
  • Todd Fletcher 2nd in age group AND 49th overall for Cat 2 Sport Males!

Elite Team Results

Pro Nathan Guerra finished strong and took 1st overall for the Elite men field. Watch below for an after race recap:

Lindsay Guerra also brought home a podium finish by taking 2nd overall for Elite women. See as she comments on her race:

Brian Paterson pulled out a 3rd place on the podium in the Elite male 30-39 age group with an Elite overall of 26th in a very deep field.


  • Matt Paterson 12th in Elite male 19-29 age group AND 41st overall!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Battle of CamRock!

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