Elijah Johnson- WORS #3 Battle of Camrock – June 4, 2017

The 3rd WORS race had some new challenges to it.  There were many rocky climbs, and the weather was in the upper 80s and sunny.  This was ten degrees warmer than average.

On the morning of race day, we arrived at the venue around 8:30.  We set up our canopy tent in a great spot for both handoffs and viewing multiple parts of the course.  At 9:30, the Junior’s race began, and at 10:00, Citizen started.  During these races, I was careful to stay hydrated and in the shade.  Shortly after the Sport race began at 11:30, I began to get ready for my race.  Around 12:40, I began my warm-up which lasted until 1:10.  I then made my way down to the start area.

We began to line up at about 1:20. This race they did not allow the Cat 1 Juniors to line up until all the Cat 1 racers were in the start chute, resulting in me starting in about the 6th row.  At the top of the first climb, I was trying to establish my position.  The first section of single track was tight since everyone was still in a close group.  In the next section of double track, I advanced in position a bit.  My front tire slid out about 2 miles in on a section of single track.  About 2 people passed me.  We then had a short section of double track followed by a fairly technical downhill.  I held my place for the next several miles through both double track and single track.

At the end of the first lap, we had a very technical climb with several switchbacks in which balance was critical.  I was able to make it to the top since Coach Nathan had taught us to do slow mo which is a race in which you go as slow as possible over a short course to practice balance.   As I passed through the start/finish area, completing the first lap, I took a handoff from my Grandpa.  Staying hydrated was more important than usual with the temperature being in the upper 80s.  The entire second lap went smoothly with no crashes.  By the end of it, I was only about 5 seconds ahead of one of my competitors.  At one point in the final lap, one of my competitors passed me when I went by the water station.  On the next hill, I was able to pass him.  There was a good amount of climbing and double track at the end.  After finishing strong, I spun around for a while and drank a recovery drink.  Overall, it was another good race.


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