Grocery Getter Challenge!

As a family we are starting a challenge, the #grocerygetterchallenge.  You can see our first video for the challenge at the bottom of this post.  For us, we are accepting the challenge to ride to get groceries for the next 365 days.  Some may say, eh no biggie, but we have a family of 7 which is a lot of grocery runs often! In addition, we live in Wisconsin where it gets to be -20 degrees F at times!

We are looking into getting more people and businesses involved with incentives for participating in the challenge. As a start, you can get involved by taking a pic or your own video and share them on twitter, instagram, or facebook with Vision Cycling tagged (click any of those  links to find us on that platform or just look at the upper right of this website).   Also, use the hashtag #grocerygetterchallenge and we will be sure to share your efforts on our page and you get to be a part of starting a little movement to get healthy, save some $, and be a bit greener!

You can use any amount of time you like, but a 1 time run, 14 day or 30 day seem like great starters!  3 months will get you just about to the cold weather here in the North and 1 year is just crazy awesome!   We will be sure to help find you an awesome fat bike to get it done!

Have FUN!