Vision Wheel & Sprocket WEMS #3 Alpine Valley Race Report: May 22nd, 2016

Met with warm weather and clear skies Saturday, Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series (WEMS) race #3 at Alpine Valley Ski Resort saw a great turnout from the Vision Elite and Wheel & Sprocket teams.  Differing from WORS, WEMS promises racers an opportunity to test themselves in an endurance event.  With races ranging from 3 hour solo, 6 hour solo or duo and 9 hour races, riders are free to choose their event and then complete as many laps as possible in the given time.  If you’ve never had a go at an endurance event, WEMS is the perfect chance to give one a try regardless of racing level.  With encouraging spectators and a relaxed atmosphere, WEMS offers a great environment to challenge yourself and see just how far you can push your legs!

Alpine Valley Ski Resort is tucked away just north of the Wisconsin/Illinois border and offers plenty of climbing and tight single track.  With the addition of a couple miles of new trail for this year’s event, Alpine Valley delivered on the promise of a great day of racing.

Solo 3 Hour Junior Results

  • First time WEMS racer, Lucas Fletcher, represented Vision by taking 1st overall in the Junior Solo race with a time of 2:34:34 in 2 laps!

Solo 3 Hour Results

  • Brian Paterson of Vision Elite in 4th place with a total time of 2:17:38 in 3 laps
  • Matt Paterson of Vision Elite in 5th place with a total time of 2:17:41 in 3 laps
  • Walter Sdrenka of Vision Wheel & Sprocket in 12th place with a total time of 2:34:23 in 3 laps

Solo 6 Hour Results

  • Todd Fletcher of Vision Wheel & Sprocket in 27th place with a total time of 4:06:52 in 4 laps

Duo 6 Hour Results

For the unfamiliar, Duo races are comprised of two-contender teams where racers are allowed to swap at the lapping point interchangeably.

  • Vision Director Nathan Guerra and wife Lindsay Guerra took 1st with an overall time of 5:54:49, completing 8 laps between them.  Not to let that be their only highlight, Nathan, with the promise of a cash payout, completed the fastest lap of the day with a time of 37:43!
  • Nick Sdrenka with duo teammate Jerrod Collier solidified their place in 2nd with an overall time of 5:21:22, completing 7 laps.
  • Jeanne Hornak and Bryon Anderson completed a total of 6 laps, taking 7th place with a total time of 5:41:03.

To watch Nathan’s run at Alpine Valley, we invite you to watch the Sioeye live stream of the event.

Nathan Guerra accepting payout for a laptop of 37 minutes!

Nathan Guerra accepting a payout for a lap of 37 minutes!

Todd Fletcher as he laps through on the 6 hour solo.

Todd Fletcher as he laps through on the 6 hour solo race.

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