Early Season Re-Cap

Illiniwek Abermination Sunday April 17th 2016

Finally getting some thoughts down on the first few races of the season.  We will keep the reports short and quick on the first few outside leading into this past weekend at Camrock.

Race seasons tarted a bit early this year for me in the MidWest with an opener at the Illiniwek Abermination.  You can see a full team report by one of our new additions to the Elite team Matt Paterson over here: Vision Illiniwek Abermination Report

I grabbed a win in the opener for both Iowa and Illinois as the raced served both states series.


The first 1.5’s laps of my race can be found here from our recorded from our new SioEye cameras!

Englewood Opener Saturday April 30th 2016

Next up was the Englewood opener which was a total mudfest, but a definite must do for 2017!  From homegrown trails to homegrown beef onsite and a total Wisconsin race/party atmosphere with live music and great payouts there is no way anyone should miss this event that can make it!


Leading the start before the mud mayhem!


Lindsay holding down a solid 2nd place in the mud



Off the front early


Post race selfie mud face


Post race WInner’s shot full mud


Men Podium, both Caleb and Casey are getting FAST!


Women’s podium


Coolest awards ever!


Overall Plaque was awesome!


WOR #1 Iola Bump n Jump Sunday May 15th

Then came the WORS opener.  The post race interviews really say it all, they are right here.

Essentially, I let Cole go on lap 2 thinking he would come back.  I was not super comfortable on my bike yet this year, in addition I was attempting to forgo any allergy meds to see if perhaps that season of life was over…which was a tactic that failed miserably for me later in the race.  I had a steady all day pace, but zero high end efforts when breathing really mattered.  We came close to catching a few times, but it seemed like we played a few too many games throughout the race while chasing.  2nd was a great result though and Cole was riding very strong and fast in the single-track on course.

Nathan Guerra in 2nd for Pro Men at Iola Bump & Jump

Nathan Guerra in 2nd for Pro Men at Iola Bump & Jump

Here is a video of the first lap or so, Cole pulls an amazing move to fix his bikes skewers while leading the race full on cyclo cross dismount and mount style at about “4:15” into the video. Podium vid scene at the end as well.

Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bikes Series Alpine Valley Saturday May 21st

Next up Lindsay and I brought the WHOLE family to a WEMS race for a 6 hour duo.  We were able to pull off a win!
This vid pretty much recaps the day for us!

Next up for the blog is a race report on Camrock, stay tuned!  Also, make sure to check out the Twitch channel where I am live with training and Zwift races almost every day:  https://www.twitch.tv/nathanguerra

Throw it a follow for notifications anytime I go live over there!  Or if you prefer subscribe to the Youtube channel here, but we are focusing mainly on Twitch community growth, so get over there!




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