McKenna Dwyer WORS #5 – Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic: July 10, 2016

After riding the course about four times the weeks leading up to the race, and slowly walking through it, I felt more prepared for a race then ever.  I came into it knowing every line I wanted to take, and how to take it the quickest.  When it came to the day before the race, I went out and pre rode and just got to know the course further and see if I could find any last minute lines.  I also planned on mentally just going through the whole race working on the basics: cornering, attic position, braking, etc.  I felt completely confident for this race and was happy to finally feel this way.

On race day, I warmed up by just doing some spin ups on the trainer and then a little bit before race time, I hopped on my mountain bike and rode up a hill a couple times.  Minooka has a long lead out starting with a climb and then winding through some double track before going in to the single track.  I knew I wanted to be the first in to that section of single track because it was my strongest section of the race.  I ended up starting three rows back since there was a record amount of Elite women at this race.  Some Cat 1 junior girls got in the front row somehow so that made me nervous right away.  I already was nervous because I knew the hardest part of my race was going to be sprinting to get in to the single track first.

When the race started, I right away was behind because of starting so far back but I managed to get to the top of the first climb before most of my competitors.  I ended up going really hard in the double track and ended up fourth overall out of the Elite women and Cat 1 Juniors in to the single track.  I rode that single track hard and was riding behind Lindsay Guerra and Anna Ganju until they sprinted away from me when it opened up again.  I rode the whole first lap just focusing on the basics and riding with an Elite rider a bit in to the second lap.  I knew I already had a huge gap almost from the start.  On the second lap when I saw who I guessed was in second place coming down a hill I went down a couple minutes earlier, I then laid low for the rest of the race just focusing on hitting everything correctly but still putting up a pace.  The lady I was riding with had fallen back from where I was riding so I finished up the race by myself.  I ended up coming through in first feeling like I’ve had the strongest race that I’ve had in awhile.  I feel like I’m definitely going to peak for the Midwest Mountain Bike Championships and I’m excited to see what happens when I race there.

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