Vision Zwift Team

This team is the virtual expression of Vision Cycling’s real life mission. Make cycling a household sport through local team development, sponsorship, and youth programs. Starting with local communities, Vision develops a model movement to instill cycling as an integral cultural value. This mission becomes reality by directly providing the structures which uphold Traditional Sports.

Each Vision Zwift team member is encouraged to race and ride in Zwift with the "Vision" tag added after their name. Team members are also encouraged to wear the official Vision Cycling virtual team kit while riding in Zwift.


Adam Webb

Category: A
Racing Age: 39
Hometown: Harrogate, England

Most Notable Achievements
Completed RAAM in 10 days 4 hours, Ran UK Coast to Coast (223m) 3 days 18 hours.

2017 Goals
I am mainly focused on Zwift right now for the winter, but I am planning on the tour of Ibiza for 2017 and the RAAM again.

Alison Kubota

Category: Casual, Cat 4 currently (very close to 3 w/kg ftp, almost Cat 3)
Racing Age: 44
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Most Notable Achievements
I'm a born-again cyclist, having discovered the true joy of cycling and having recovered some meaning in life after living through a year of emptiness in my life after my mother passed away. Cycling was a means through which I executed a serious rapid weight loss plan early this year, and cycling will be the means through which I will become stronger physically and mentally.

2016 Goals
I hope to reach 4 w/kg (Cat 2 or Cat 1) and improve my handling skills to compete in local amateur crit races.

Alistair Bunting

Category: British Cycling Cat 3, GB age group Duathlon
Racing Age: 40
Hometown: Wimborne, UK

Most Notable Achievements
I have been racing cat 3 for four years and I am now starting Duathlon. Qualified for GB worlds June 2016.

2016 Goals
GB duathlon age group Squad.

Billy Abernathy

Category: Cat 5 Road
Racing Age: 34
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Most Notable Achievements
Been cycling of and on for 3 years. Mostly just club rides.
- Placed 45th in Hotter n' Hell 2015

2016 Goals
Plan to loose some serious weight and compete in as many road races as I can.

Bryan Greatrick

Racing Category: V40 (Cyclocross) - British Cycling & Local club member (TRCC). Road/MTB/CX
Racing Age: 43
Hometown: Carmarthen (UK)

Most Notable Achievements
Raced 3 seasons of CX within Welsh CX Series. Before that lots of MTB Marathon events & road sportives. Late starter to cycling, in particular racing - casual MTB to start but now riding a bit more competitively within age cat (finishing top 10 within cat and top 30 within seniors (approx 170 starters).

2016 Goals
Looking to race crits within Welsh region and build on CX performance that has improved year on year thus far. Maybe enter a local road race. Have entered local event (45km 'Battle on the Beach' race in March) that I would like to train towards a podium finish in category.

Craig Hoskin

Racing Category: Road - Cat 2 MTB
Racing Age: 49
Hometown: Gisborne, NZ

Most Notable Achievements
Podium places for National Road Champs
Overall GC win National Team Series (incl 1st Team)

2016 Goals
National Champs (M50-55)

Daren Chandisingh

Category: Cat 4/casual road & TT
Racing Age: 47
Hometown: Lancaster, UK

Most Notable Achievements
Did my first ever imperial century ride in 2015 - in Zwift of course.

2016 Goals
Complete Fred Whitton Challenge (if I get a place in the ballot). Sub 25:30 for the local 10.

Derek Rush

Category: Road
Racing Age: 42
Hometown: Randolph, MA

Most Notable Achievements
Highly experienced racer of his own shadow.

2016 Goals
No goals. Just ride. And ride hard.

Duane Gran

Category: USAC Cat 4
Racing Age: 43
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Most Notable Achievements
Raced probably around 50 road, TT and crit races in the mid-atlantic, primarily during the 1999-2004 time frame but more recently won the Wintergreen time trail Cat 4 in 2013 and 2014.

2016 Goals
Maintain and possibly build on fitness, contribute to a team that has equal parts of will to win and attitude to enjoy the journey. I have a strong TT phenotype and I'm suited to climbing.

Eric Schlange

Category: Cat 4 Road, casual MTB
Racing Age: 37
Hometown: Lakeport, CA

Most Notable Achievements
First real world races happening this year. All my racing has been on Zwift so far.

2016 Goals
6000+ miles, several races, better fitness and lots of fun.

Felix Hemsley

Category: Road
Racing Age: 32
Hometown: London, UK

Most Notable Achievements
Ex Great Britain Rower, winning 1 international gold medal and 2 silvers at the European Championships during my career.

2016 Goals
To start racing crits in and around London, and to beat the hour up Alpe D'Huez.

Jamie Spence

Category: Road
Racing Age: 39
Hometown: Leicester, England

Most Notable Achievements
None Yet!

2016 Goals
Alp D'huez June, Sprint triathlon May, Another century ride around Sept, Sportive in March

Jesper Sort

Racing Category: Road - Casual, MTB - Casual
Racing Age: 29
Hometown: Vodskov

Most Notable Achievements
2015 road: (all casual races)
- 3rd place - 1st stage local amateur summercup "BMC sommercup" B group
- 11th overall - local amateur summercup "BMC sommercup" B group
- 11th overall - local amateur race "Brønderslev markedsløb" 70 km
- New personal records in the mountains in Harzen, Germany in a club tour

2016 Goals
- Get a top 10 overall in the B-group local summercup "BMC sommercup".
- Get a top 10ish overall in a Zwift ZTR race C-group or improve W/kg to promote into B-group.
- Try and reach 3.5 W/kg.
- Improve the personal records in Harzen.

- Complete "Aalborg MTB marathon" 100 km MTB local race.
- Try out my first local MTB races.

John C.
John Cassidy

Category: Casual Road Cyclist
Racing Age: 31
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Most Notable Achievements
No races to speak of yet, but working at getting in racing shape!

2016 Goals
2500 miles and a rising Power/Weight Ratio whilst navigating the Bar Exam and Fatherhood. Potential foray into CX in Fall, 2016

John M.
John Mora

Category: USC Cat 4 Road, Endurance/XC Cat 3
Racing Age: 52
Hometown: Reynoldsburg

Most Notable Achievements
- 1998 Third place (Florida Crit Race Series), unsure which race in the series.
- 1998 Fourth Florida State Road Racing Championships (HUGE CRASH <1k to line.)
- 1998 Top Five Port Saint John Crit
- 1998 Third overall Panama City Grand Prix, Panama City FL.
- Top 10 TT, Top 5 RR, 2nd Crit. - 3rd Overall.
- 1999 Top 20 Florida State Road Racing Championships
- 1999 Top Ten Hardrock race (Florida MTB Series)
- A few other races I have vague recollections of during 1998-1999.

2016 Goals
2016 will mark my first official Season after my return to cycling almost two years ago. This first season I will use to hone my skills and become familiar with the local racing scene and its members. My ultimate goal is to be a force to be reckoned with in the RR and Endurance XC races while winning a lot of races in the process. Ride to Immortality with me.

John U.
John Uppard

Racing Age: 48
Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Most Notable Achievements
Local events in Norway.

2017 Goals
Get in shape, stay in shape and compete harder.


Category: Casual/Club rider
Racing Age: 42
Hometown: Springfield, MO

Most Notable Achievements
I raced a lot in my teens and twenties. I moved to Arizona for college, and won several local crits and road races in the Phoenix area. But then closer to 30 years of age, I quit cycling and got into bodybuilding. I did this for about 10 years, until I was diagnosed with cancer at age 37. I fought that for 3 years and lost a lot of weight. So, I started cycling again, and I'm loving the journey of getting into shape.

2016 Goals
Increase my FTP, get faster, and win :)

Miloš Akrman

Category: Road, Cyclocross
Racing Age: 45
Hometown: Czech Republic, Počátky

Most Notable Achievements
2010 - 2014 Road racing as an amateur with some small race victories.

2016 Goals
Maintain Zwift training.

Pinny Brachfeld

Category: Casual Road Bike
Racing Age: 16
Hometown: Rockland, NY

Most Notable Achievements

2016 Goals
100K in under 3 hours. Ride a century. Ride a 2 day 180 mile bike tour through 3 states.

Rachel Greatrick

Racing Category: Cyclocross
Racing Age: 43
Hometown: Carmarthen (UK)

Most Notable Achievements
Competed for the first time in the 2015 Welsh Cyclocross Series in Novice Women and came 1st Novice Lady in the last race of the series (having started off in the first race coming in 10th).

2016 Goals
Maintain Zwift training. Competing in the Welsh Battle on the Beach race in March and hope to also take part in the Welsh MTB races and also some closed circuit road races.

Rick Woods

Category: Cat 2 Road
Racing Age: 54
Hometown: Roanoke, VA

Most Notable Achievements
- 2015 Assault on Mt Mitchell: 1st Place Age (5th Place overall)
- 2015 3 State 3 Mountain: 2nd Place
- 2014 Mountains of Misery: 1st Place
- 2014 3 State 3 Mountain: 1st Place
- 2014 3 State 3 Mountain KOM: 2nd Place
- 2013 Mountains of Misery: 1st Place
- 2013 3 State 3 Mountain: 1st Place
- 2011 Mountains of Misery: 1st Place
- 2010 3 Mountain Madness: 1st Place
- 2010 Mountains of Misery: 1st Place

2016 Goals
Tuesday Night Worlds & Wednesday Night Worlds. 2016 Assault on Mt Mitchell. 3 State 3 Mtn.

Rob Payne

Category: Mainly Road Biker, occasionally MTB
Racing Age: 18
Hometown: Folkestone

Most Notable Achievements
Haven't participated in any races but have attended a-lot of Wiggle Events with Medals to prove.

2016 Goals
To attend as many events both on Zwift as well as real life. Realistically covering over 5,000 miles and 200,000ft of elevation minimum.

Scott Hoffner
Scott Hoffner

Category: Pro MTB, Cat.1 CX & Road
Racing Age: 25
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC

Most Notable Achievements
This will be my 10th year of racing. I received my pro mountain bike license in 2011. I feel that I have had a lot of personal success. I am not one striving to build the ultimate resume. I am a health enthusiast with a passion for the sport of cycling. I push myself past my limits every year and sometimes surprise myself in performance. I look forward to continued success as I continue to grow as an athlete and accomplish new goals.

- Hampshire 100 2015: 6th
- Devos Criterium: 3rd
- Waterford CX 2015: 1st
- Island Lake XC: 1st

- Iceman Cometh Challenge 2014: 9th
- Lumberjack 2014: 6th
- Michigan CX Overall Champ 2014

2016 Goals
My focus next year is primarily NUE races, a few crits, and also a big fall season in CX as I usually do. All aside, my main focus every year is the classic XC mountain race, Iceman.

Scott Horton
Scott Horton

Category: Casual MTB, Casual Road
Racing Age: 41
Hometown: Workington (Cumbria) - UK

Most Notable Achievements
No real world racing. Completed a few ZTR Races and the Fox and Hounds in Zwift (Placed 2nd in Fox and Hounds).

2016 Goals
Complete Fred Whitton Challenge (if I get a place in the ballot). Sub 25:30 for the local 10.

Sebastian Kühn

Racing Category: MTB Masters UCI
Racing Age: 53
Hometown: Kempten (Allgäu), Bavaria, Germany

Most Notable Achievements
1984-1990 Road racing as an amateur with some small race victories, TeamTimeTrial Champion in Schwaben/Germany 1990. Some MTB-Races since 2012. German MTB Marathon Masters Justice Champion 2014, 2015

2016 Goals
Getting the third Title in a row ;-)

Sergio Flores

Racing Category: Road C
Racing Age: 37
Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Most Notable Achievements
2015 road: (all casual races)
Started riding in 2013, been improving in endurance, steep and overall fitness. Completed my first century in 2014. Been riding with C+/B groups for the last year and a half.

2016 Goals
Increase my performance with more structured training, do a double century.

Stephen F.
Stephen Floro

Category: Road
Racing Age: 38
Hometown: Stanhope, NJ

Most Notable Achievements
I raced for my club Skylands Cycling at the Augusta Training Series crit twice this past spring, both with one day cat 5 licenses. This past summer of 2015 I completed 3 century rides which is a first for me.

2016 Goals
To purchase a USA Cycling Cat 5 racing license and to race in several crit races for 2016. I'd like to get to a level of fitness where I can be competitive in them.

Stephen L.
Stephan Leuendorff

Category: Road / Triathlon
Racing Age: 42
Hometown: Berlin

Most Notable Achievements

2016 Goals
Defending title at lipnitzsee triathon :)