To make cycling a traditional sport in culture. This is done through placing local infrastructure in communities akin to the other traditional sports. So, if there is a basketball court, a baseball diamond, or a football field, then there should be a Mountain Bike trail. By placing these in local communities and creating a rhythm of use and training on them with local organizations, we give the Sport of cycling cultural efficacy it is currently missing. This is how long lasting sporting traditions are built. This is how our traditional sports have taken hold.

In 2017, Vision will have weekly rides/events focused on the Sport of Mountain Biking. If you would like to setup and run a weekly ride in your area please let us know as we can setup a calendar and schedule for these events to grow. No trail? Maybe there is somewhere local to you that needs a MTB trail specifically for introducing the sport to the community. Vision can help walk you through the steps needed to make this happen.

How the Vision is implemented.

Youth Development

Vision works with communities and their Youth to develop cycling programs ensuring cycling’s long-term involvement in culture. Youth are the future of communities and therefore the future of Cycling. Vision focuses on Mountain Biking as a starting point. Mountain Biking provides the perfect balance of safety and accessibility for Youth to get involved today. From this starting point Youth may be introduced to other cycling disciplines, along with concepts of commuting and training. From this #1 value the following values are created and informed.

New Cycling Infrastructure

Youth development in cycling creates a need for more places to ride. Value in sports is created through local community sports facilities (i.e. Basketball Courts, Baseball Diamonds, Football Fields). Therefore Vision advocates for New Trail Systems, both off-road and paved, for Youth and their families to safely use for transportation, sports competition, and exercise purposes. This is accomplished through direct involvement in Local, County, and State Trail development planning.

Public Health and Wellness

Lifelong sports which affect the health of the public are absent or sparse at best in our education system and culture. Vision advocates for the inclusion of cycling as a lifelong sport both in education and scholastic sports competition in order to fill this gap in our culture. This in turn advocates for the future of public health by creating members of the community who know how to stay active throughout their lives in a sport that is practically functional at all ages.

Energy and Environmental Sustainability

By advocating the aforementioned values we will be helping to create members of society who use new transportation infrastructure and value the environment in which they experience their sport. This will both create value for sustainability and an actual expression of sustainability in and through cycling in communities.