Women of Vision

Coming 2017

Women’s mountain biking is on the rise and Vision Cycling wants to offer more than just a women’s group ride or club team. Women often have to juggle some or all of the roles of education, career, family relationships, marriage, children, and tending to a home. In the midst of this it can be hard to make time to pursue dreams, goals, enjoyment, or plain old care of your body without feeling like you are neglecting these other things or giving them up completely.

Going into 2017, Vision wants to put more of an emphasis on identifying a person’s “vision” for their life, and how cycling can play a role in enriching every aspect of it. This is especially true for women of all ages.

Yearly Membership

Initial Consultation

Women of Vision wants to be inclusive, not exclusive, so don’t feel as if you have to leave any other team loyalties you may have, but a year membership will give you access to some seriously awesome things! First of all, each woman will be offered an initial consultation about their desires and goals for cycling whether it’s just to get in shape, have a hobby of their own, or competitive racing, etc.

Members Only Events

Vision Cycling plans to host quarterly events over the calendar year. Most of these being members only and a number of which will be women specific. These will include trail riding clinics, winter cycling strength training, nutrition strategies for an ideal weight and peak performance, fun family days, and more! If you cannot attend any of these events we will record them when appropriate for access on our website!

Online Opportunities

We know that calendars can fill up quickly so we are also offering a number of online opportunities. Through our website we will post frequent cycling tips for members only that cover many different physical and mental aspects of cycling, training, racing, and the immersion of those things with the rest of life. You will be invited to our Women of Vision facebook page, and any race or event results you achieve will be posted on our social media race reports along with a picture/feature of yourself on our team roster.

Discounted & Women Specific Coaching Plans

Women’s specific coaching will cover:
1. How to pursue your cycling goals in harmony with the rest of your life.
2. Making a 1yr, 5yr, or even 10 yr plan!
3. The benefits of strength training for women.
4. Sanely and happily reaching an ideal weight.
5. How to go through pregnancy, growing a family, and still rock your sport!
6. Establishing good mental habits.

Women's Specific Kit

We are excited to have a new women’s kit! They are professional, comfortable, and appealing and will be available for 2017! And as always, members have access to some fantastic purchasing opportunities from our amazing product sponsors.

It’s our sincere hope that you will join us and love it!

Women of Vision